Focusing on heritage through a contemporary lens

Marasi is a family-owned premium tea importers throughout South Asia to Paris. Marasi commissioned us to redesign the logo and packaging. We reimagine the brand, refocusing of heritage through a contemporary lens, giving a distinctive history through the crest.The tension between heritage and modernity varies between the complimentary and the well-resolved, particularly in the very current monolinear rendering of crest, to the abrupt and slightly awkward, as seen in type choice and the use of proportion, drawing on a genuine history and the quirks of time. It is the animal component, icons of Marasi, recognised by those familiar with the brand.The totem of the Leopards are featured throughout ancient myth stories, its multicolored hide and behaviors serving as the basis for allegorical tales, it has held the court with Kings and Queens, represented in the logo by the imperial crown.


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