Mumfy – a mothercare project.: helping mothers get comfymumfy with motherhood.

Mumfy is a team of dedicated mothers who have turned their passion and talent into a tight-knit and mighty community. 

Mumfy was created to honour, respect and shine a light on the importance of MotherCare in our families, societies and culture.
Today our culture tells mothers to focus entirely on the needs of the baby, causing mothers to disappear into the shadows of their predestined role. Without the unconditional support and wisdom from their culture, societies and families which should have been their birth right.
There is a huge hole in our thinking and treatment of new mothers. If a new mum isn’t allowed to fully recover from the demanding requirements of pregnancy and birth, the aftereffects can last for years. Right now, our culture is showing us what happens when we don’t take care of women after they have babies with 67% experiencing marital decline, 86% have pelvic floor dysfunction, 1:7 have postpartum depression.

Empowerment. ancient wisdom. modern insight.

At Mumfy we have no doubt that nearly all mothers, no matter when they gave birth can fully recover from pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond by regaining health and wellness far beyond what they have experienced in the past if they are resourced and supported with ancient wisdom and modern insights. Its my dream and passion that every mother has access to Mumfy and can prepare, educate and empower themselves.


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